This is an unprecedented time we are living in, but we are certain that we will come out of this stronger and better than before. Hostetter Auctioneers wants to keep all our bidders and customers aware of how we are handling the coronavirus (COVID-19).  


Due to coronavirus our physical office is not open to the public. Our website is the best place to find the latest info about auction times, dates, invoices, and places. Our current online auctions will continue as planned.

Please continue to look for more email updates from Hostetter Auctioneers. We will communicate all information to you as it becomes available. If you do need something you can call, Sherman 724-601-2333, Matt 724-462-5547 or Dan 724-561-9167.

The auctions scheduled for this Sunday and Monday will continue as scheduled. We will be updating the website and the winning bidders’ invoices on when the exact removal will be. Tentatively, we plan to have the removal by appointment only, and we will further communicate that when the time comes. 


The Pittsburgh Impound Auction will still be taking place Wednesday, March 25th, starting at 10:00 A.M. We encourage all those looking to bid to register and bid online. We will be adding additional pictures and descriptions to the website. Note: NO visitor passes will be issued, and no visitors will be permitted at the auction. Only those registered to bid, and those who have placed a deposit will be allowed to enter the auction premises.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but we appreciate you working with us during this tough time. We have a lot planned for later this spring and we are looking forward to seeing you out at one of our upcoming auctions. 


God bless and stay safe!


-Hostetter Auctioneers



To all of our valued customers:

Given the current state of affairs locally, nationally and globally, we at McGann & Chester, LLC have been and remain concerned about the health and lives of our customers and their families and friends.  These are troubling times, and we all should be taking significant measures to keep ourselves safe. 

McGann & Chester, LLC and the PPC have decided to make important changes to the procedures for the auction this week.  While the live auction scheduled for this Wednesday will go on, the following measures will be taken: 

1.  ONLY ON-LINE BIDDING WILL BE ALLOWED. To avoid a last-minute rush, we ask that you please register with Hostetter auctioneers as soon as possible.  The registration process is very simple, and you will still have an opportunity to bid on each and every vehicle.  

2.  After the auction, Buyers will be able to pick up vehicles by making an appointment with McGann & Chester, and will also be permitted additional time to claim vehicles from the impound lot.

3.  To improve the on-line bidding process, we are working with Hostetter Auctioneers to provide as much information as possible.  This will include additional exterior and interior photographs, information on vehicle miles (both actual and as of the most recent vehicle inspection,) vehicle identification numbers and the like.  Please check the website for Hosteter Auctioneers to obtain the most up-to-date information.

4.  During this viral threat, our company has implemented stringent disinfecting procedures, including regular wipe-down of facilities and extra disinfecting of high-traffic areas.  We are doing everything possible to minimize the exposure to the Covid-19 virus for all of our employees and our customers.

Attached is the list of vehicles up for sale this week.  This list includes additional information, including VINs and miles as of the last vehicle inspection.

We well know that this situation is very fluid and things may quickly change.  McGann & Chester certainly will provide updates as appropriate.  Please visit our website for all updated information: