Estate Services


Handling an estate can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to begin, let us help.  


At Hostetter Auctioneers, we understand the estate settlement process. For over 60 years we have been dealing with families, attorneys, and administrators through this challenging time.



There are several compelling reasons why someone should consider selling their estate with Hostetter Auctioneers:

Proven Legacy: Hostetter Auctioneers has a strong reputation and legacy dating back to 1955. This extensive experience in the auction industry provides a sense of trust and reliability to potential sellers. 

Expertise in Estate Sales: The team at Hostetter Auctioneers specializes in estate sales. They have the knowledge and experience to handle a wide range of estate items, from antiques and collectibles to real estate and personal property.

Customized Solutions: Hostetter Auctioneers understands that each estate is unique. They work closely with sellers to create customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of the estate, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Comprehensive Marketing: Hostetter Auctioneers employs a range of marketing strategies to promote estate sales, including online auctions, traditional advertising, and social media. This broad reach can attract a diverse and extensive pool of potential buyers.

Transparent Process: Auctions are known for their transparency. Sellers can have confidence that their estate items will be sold at fair market value, and the auction process ensures an equitable opportunity for all participants.

Quick Turnaround: Estate auctions often result in a faster sales process, allowing for the efficient liquidation of estate assets. This can be beneficial when there is a need to distribute assets promptly.

Ease of Transaction: Hostetter Auctioneers provides a streamlined process for sellers. They handle all aspects of the auction, including cataloging, marketing, and managing the auction event itself, making it a convenient option for sellers.

Supportive and Professional Team: Hostetter Auctioneers is committed to maintaining a professional and supportive environment for both their team and clients. This dedication extends to providing excellent service to sellers throughout the auction process.

In summary, selling an estate with Hostetter Auctioneers offers the advantages of a trusted legacy, specialized expertise, custom solutions, comprehensive marketing, transparency, and a quick and convenient sales process. Their experience in estate auctions and commitment to client satisfaction make them a compelling choice for those looking to liquidate an estate.









To learn more about auctioning your estate, please call Hostetter Auctioneers at 724-847-1887.